Tuesday weigh in

Although not the full two pounds I was hoping for, I am relatively happy with my loss this week. I'm now at 200.8, with a net loss [since Feb. 17] of approx. 8 pounds.

If I can maintain a two pound loss per week, I should be able to hit 170 in early July. The prospect has me quite excited.
I've been jump-roping for about 15-20 minutes a day (I skipped yesterday because I had to stay late to work on a silk painting for a charity), and then glorping around with my five-pound dumbbells for an additional 10-15 minutes, as well as calisthenics [I think it's called that] for however long I feel like it.

This Friday is the beginning of my spring break, but lucky for me I am not going anywhere that requires a swimsuit... or me getting sunburned horribly in the hopes that it offsets my paleness. Anyway. I think after spring break I should be able to break out that bike my dad won at a crappy arcade/amusement center and get some more aerobics in.

So. My goal for next week is to drop at least 2 pounds, and for the last Tuesday in March I'd like to be at 195 or so, since I'll be spending most of my spring break with my sister at college [which should result in me walking around a lot more and stuff]. So. Laters.



First Weigh in

202.2- This is after a few weeks [okay... almost a month now] of eating better and trying to get at least some exercise in. It's slow going, but it's going.

Also, today I got my 5 lb. weights and speed jump rope from amazon.
And, my freaking sweet Adidas shoes [the onyx/black/slime ones]. My mom is going to flip and say they look too boyish. She says that about everything.

Not that this is relevant, but I was accepted to Case, which makes it 5 acceptances for 5 colleges, which is pretty nice... except now I have to decide.

Anyway, this is a short update. My goal for this week is to get down to 199 or so, and to learn calculus... haha. At least one of the two would be nice.

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The Diet

Hello, internet world.

For pretty much most of my life I've been overweight; from "baby fat" to awkward adolescent-fat, to "I'm finally 18 and damn, I'm still fat." I've tried various things, and going to a gym really isn't convenient; I had no car for a while, now I live probably 25 miles from the nearest gym, and with gas prices being what they are these days it is sort of hard to pay for gas to get to school [~18 miles away] as it is, without adding another 30-some mile trip to my weekly total.

Anyway. On Feb. 16 I went to a scholarship competition, and a number of things made me realize that I really need to lose weight.
1. attraction is pretty much never mutual
2. I'm going to college in the fall, and I want it to basically be a skinnier, happier me going; not the same old me who has lugged around so many pounds of excess weight for all of these years.
3. for my health- I don't want to die when I'm 35.
4. intangible benefits, I guess

So. I started watching what I ate Feb. 17, and began drinking a lot more water. At that point, I was weighing in at about 209 pounds. YUCK! I decided to set my goal at approximately 30 pounds of weight loss, and after that I will see what happens. By my birthday [early July] I would like to weigh around 170 pounds, which is a big goal, but if I stick to it these next four months, I believe it is completely feasible.
[ quick math- 4 weeks a month, times 4 months, 16. 16x2 [lbs/week] is 32- which puts me in sight of that!]

Anyway. As I am participating in flickr's Project 365 [take a self-potrait daily for a year], I expected that would help motivate myself to lose weight. It hasn't, because I had not done anything to actually lose weight since before that. I will finish it up some time in August, and I would like nothing more than to be able to take a picture and be happy with how I look in it- no matter how much of my body is in it.

As it is, I weighed in at 202.4 this morning. That is a weight loss of around 7 pounds (yes, I am rounding up a bit, but not that much), after about 3 weeks.

As for exercise, I love techno music so I just sort of jerkily dance to it. When it stops being so snowy and horribly cold, I want to start biking or jogging so that I don't get too bored. I've restricted my caloric intake to about 1500 calories, which seems to be consistent to most reports as to what one should do in order to lose weight.

So, I have written a lot. I guess from now on I will update every Tuesday, or thereabouts.

[also, I really want to see Diary of the Dead. Romero is King of the Zombies]

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