Tuesday weigh in

Although not the full two pounds I was hoping for, I am relatively happy with my loss this week. I'm now at 200.8, with a net loss [since Feb. 17] of approx. 8 pounds.

If I can maintain a two pound loss per week, I should be able to hit 170 in early July. The prospect has me quite excited.
I've been jump-roping for about 15-20 minutes a day (I skipped yesterday because I had to stay late to work on a silk painting for a charity), and then glorping around with my five-pound dumbbells for an additional 10-15 minutes, as well as calisthenics [I think it's called that] for however long I feel like it.

This Friday is the beginning of my spring break, but lucky for me I am not going anywhere that requires a swimsuit... or me getting sunburned horribly in the hopes that it offsets my paleness. Anyway. I think after spring break I should be able to break out that bike my dad won at a crappy arcade/amusement center and get some more aerobics in.

So. My goal for next week is to drop at least 2 pounds, and for the last Tuesday in March I'd like to be at 195 or so, since I'll be spending most of my spring break with my sister at college [which should result in me walking around a lot more and stuff]. So. Laters.


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