Yes, I am being original today.

So, my negative fanbase, how is it hanging?
It's the summer here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that I am out of school until late August.

I have been trying to get a job since I got here pretty much, but apparently there isn't much of a market at food establishments for someone who;
has no prior experience at fast food type stuff
and will only be in the area for approx. two and a half months.

At any rate, I entertain myself on Threadless. No, I don't "monitor shop," okay, well I guess I do, but they also have amazing blog/forums that are fun. Mostly due to the awesome people on there.

Anyway. My hopes for being even slightly humorous with this go seem to have deceased, so I will sign off and say, "fuck you, san francisco!"

hahah. yeah.
I should watch that tonight.



Okay so I enjoy zombies, but also humorous things even if they do not involve zombies.

Actually that sounds weird, I don't eat zombies. I like zombie movies, and metaphorically liking zombies, or something like that. Anyway, a few of the webcomics which I pretty much read religiously (toothpaste for dinner and natalie dee) have another spawn, which isn't married to the sea. Apparently if I put a picture of something that makes me laugh into my blog, I can have a slight chance of being popular, or. Doing other stuff.

so here goes.

Where Are The Dogs Humping.com

That wasn't so bad. Also, I couldn't seem to type that "t" to start the sentence, and now it seems that I have quite a few t's in this sentence. Too many.

Anyway- The websites are pretty funny, and the t-shirts are pretty much amazing (I have 5 or 6 of them), so everyone should check out their stuff so I can eventually encounter someone wearing a TPFD or Natalie Dee or Married to the Sea shirt, and I'll laugh and not say anything to them but remember that day forever.

So. Go to wherearethedogshumping.com, or don't (it's your life). Do you really want to take chances though?!




Passion of the Christ and Pirates of the Caribbean can both be abbreviated to PotC!!! Mel Gibson and Disney must be hatching a plot to take over the world and turn fangirls into nuns, and fanboys into monks. They must be stopped!