So a part of me told myself that the contest that I blorged about (I'm going to delete that post) was just some horrible marketing scam. For all I know, it could be. But, it's always nice to be able to get your hopes up about something. Like winning an amazing laptop that I would be able to afford... if I felt like spending all of my money on one thing. So I guess I wouldn't really be able to afford it, because I am going to be a poor college student soon, and I'm going to Bonnaroo in 2009 *no matter what.*

Anyway. My real point is that I really appreciate music blogs. The way I am, I'd never listen to anybody other than my top 10 or so favorite artists if it weren't for places like Said the Gramophone. Sometimes I get really greedy and go on a downloading rampage, for which I feel sort of bad, but if I like the artist I will probably end up buying something of theirs (material, not mp3-wise) anyway, like the 200+ dollar Bonnaroo tickets I will buy next February.
Also (I'm really bad at the whole "transition" thing), speaking of listening to new artists, I really like Santogold now. L.E.S. Artistes is pretty awesome, and I guess that is saying something since I don't really like wimmin singers normally (the vast majority of them are lame and over-hyped. I even tried to like Björk.

In other other news, I watched a lot of Chris Crocker's videos and find him to be rather annoying. If we're going to be watching fakey-fake guys acting for a YouTube audience, I'd rather waste my time watching Daxflame's antics than Chris Crocker's attention-grabbing creepiness and annoying accent.

And, finally, I am going to graduate in 3 weeks. This has me particularly excited. Happy mothers' day, and so on and so forth.

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