I forgot something else cynical I was going to write, and then I remembered it but I forgot it again. Why does that always happen? Anyway I have to draw something with a plug on it, and then do some squiggly things behind it. Feh feh feh.

Apparently German is progressing- they added some new verbs such as "googeln" or something like that. Yeah. I heard it from this guy who graduated from my school a couple years ago. He lives in Austria! He must be smart or something. His glasses told me that. Anyhow, he said you could say "Ich habe letzte Nacht gegoogeln" which is supposed to mean "I googled last night." He told us some other stuff too, but that was the best thing.

When I feel like it, I'll add some of my awesome links. Like Awesometown. I mean, it speaks for itself, but I'll probably write about it too, just to add a tinge of my own awesomeness. Yeah, cuz I can do that.

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